A Few Sketches

Working on a game at the moment, and need to do 35 small portraits for enemies in the game... As of now, I have about 27 left to do. Deadline? Thursday evening... Yikes.  Did these this evening. Will probably post a few more later. I wish I had more time to come up with some cool designs for each, but because of the time limit, I guess they're pretty stereotypical...




So, it's been more than a while since I fed this starving beast. I haven't been entirely unproductive the last year, but nothing has found it's way here though it seems. Thought I'd change that now with two things I did recently:

This one is part of a learning process where I the last couple of months have tried to carve a new niche for myself. To widen my horizons a bit and try to keep the creative juices flowing, I've started to explore the area of architectural presentations a bit. Perhaps not ideally, this one was meant to have sort of a dreamy vibe to it. I'm not sure about the short focal length of the camera though (which was added as a filter in Photoshop) since that's not used that widely in these kinds of presentations I suppose. Anywho, it was a fun project. The house is built in Google Sketchup, which I've grown to love. However: ALL plants, furniture and the character are NOT of my own creation, but downloaded from Sketchups online catalog. So I don't take any credit for those! People put up som lovely useful stuff there, so credit is where credit is due.

The last one is just a quick painting i made in Photoshop about three weeks ago. Took a few hours, but done before bed. I wish I had put some more effort into the design of the architecture on the walls, since they're sort of boring. But it'll have to do I guess. I had fun and that's what counts! I name thee (drum roll): Ship and the Walls and Lightning,,, With Seagulls and,,, Shit. Yup that's your name now, so deal with it. The creativity when it comes to naming my pieces is just insanely impressive, I know...



On the tram home yesterday
in the corner of my eye
I could have sworn I saw him walking down the street

Startled, my body jolted in the seat

the way it sometimes does
when you unexpectedly see a familiar face

or while deep in thought
being startled by a passing stranger's graze

Not a second later it occured to me
he's not walking the streets today

Nor tomorrow or the day after that

Neither is his face somewhere unexpectedly seen

He's simply not around anymore
and by this I will always be saddened greatly

He's nowhere to be embraced or greeted

His hand will nevermore be offered
clutched or shaken
Today my heart broke a bit again

but tomorrow is a new day
or so the saying goes if I'm not mistaken